Breeding Queens


Rogus Dotty Daydream (Ellie) -  F2 Variant  - NOW RETIRED
Sire:  Champion Rexingtons Powder
Dam: Rogus Pandora

Ellie was our first cat to show the Odd-Eye gene, with one stunning blue eye, and equally stunning green eye.

Ellie is also the mother to Rogus Kleopatra, and Rogus Morganna.

Esperanza Milly Moon (Milly) - Devon Rex  
Sire:  Rogus Willybonka
Dam:  Bountiful Marbellismo

Milly is a lovely lilac cream girl bred by Shirley Churches.  A lovely temperament. Her very first litter produced the equally lovely Rogus LilyoftheValley.  She is a great mum too.

Rogus Kleopatra (Kleo) - F3 Variant
Sire: Fiddlestix Vagabond
Dam:  Rogus Dotty Daydream

Kleo is our stunning Odd-Eyed long haired variant girl.  Super friendly personality, loves being held in your arms like a baby when she knows you. She has a regal look about her manner.

Rogus Morganna (Jenny Wren) - F3 Variant
Sire:  Fiddlestix Vagabond
Dam:  Rogus Dotty Daydream

Jenny Wren is a beautiful brown tabby girl, who loves chatting with you, whether it be while having a cuddle, or watching you from afar, or even while under your feet.

Jenny Wren has now become a mum. A gorgeous blue silver tabby male and a seal darker points female. Look forward to seeing them on the showbench.

Grand Champion Rogus LilyoftheValley (Portia) - Devon Rex
Sire: Champion Rexingtons Powder
Dam:  Esperanza Milly Moon

This was Milly Moon's first litter, and Portia was just so cute, that she had to stay as a member of the family.  Super friendly, loves to be curled up in your lap,or even on your shoulder.  

Portia continues to wow people on the showbench with her highest accolade being Best in Show at CRAOV 2016. An amazing feat, as we won it in 2015 with Rogus Eartha Kitt as a kitten.

Portia is now a mum and her kittens look just as promising. Look out for them on the showbench.

Rogus Kandi Kisses (Kandi) - F3 Variant
Sire:  Peppadora Magic Roundabout
Dam: Rogus Kleopatra

Kandi, the beautiful baby as a kitten, has now matured into a beautiful young lady where her colour still causes interest. We have yet to find out her true colour. Strong, determined and lovable, we can't wait for babies.