Rex Cat Association


I am currently the Vice Chair for the Club, and have been for a considerable time.  My husband Alan is also on the Committee.

The Club actively promotes all the Rex coated breeds for the Standard of Points(SOP), which are regularly reviewed and updated as needed.  Rescues, and re-homes when required plus the welfare of the individual breeds. We have a website and Facebook page, where you are free to browse and post.

We are a friendly supportive club with the sole aim of promoting happy, healthy Rex coated cats, and hold an annual show where it is possible to show your well loved babies and meet like minded Rex people.  You will often find committee members at shows across the country, either judging, Showing, or part of the Show Management.  Come and say hi, we are always happy to chat.

Rogus cats have featured on or in TV, books, magazines, and DVDs because of their temperament type.